Our Overall Top 5 Favorite Grilled Meats

Everyone loves to grill whether it is in the heat of summer or during those icy cold winter months. Whether you want a sweet, smoky, rangy, or rich flavor, there is always something special that you prefer to eat fresh off the fire and there are many people out there who probably agree with you.

There are several things that people are really partial to throwing on the grill to get the unique, smoky taste that only barbecuing can provide. Chicken is the hands down favorite across the world when it comes to firing up the barbie and cooking something scrumptious. Some people love to grill thighs and legs, others wings and breasts, but no matter what your cut of choice, chicken is just better on the grill. You can use simple spices such as salt and pepper or smother your chicken in barbecue sauce or hot sauce, but either way you are going to love grilling this popular meat.

Next on our list of culinary masterpieces to grill is the tender, healthy pork loin. There are so many ways to prepare a pork loin that there is no “right” way to make it. Some people love to stuff their pork loin with garlic, cover it in honey and pepper, or just use a basic soy based sauce to make it taste like a succulent Asian classic. Any way you slice it, your pork loin will come off the grill with a taste that you cannot get by cooking this choice piece of meat in any other way.

Of course ribs have to be on this list of barbecue favorites. Just about any meat lover will tell you that there is nothing out there like a wonderfully prepared and properly cooked rack of ribs that comes off the grill piping hot and dripping with flavor. Most people prefer to use barbecue sauce of some kind with their ribs, often nurturing their ribs for hours at a time while slowly cooking them over red hot coals. Some grill masters like to baby their ribs, coming back time and time again to baste and wrap and unwrap them until they reach the desired color or crispiness, depending on the person’s personal preferences. Many pork rib fanatics like a crust on theirs, while many beef rib lovers like a more tender, less charred look to their ribs.

Who doesn’t love a good burger? We all love burgers fresh from the grill plates! You can do so many different types of things with burgers from grilling veggies and adding them to the burger after cooking to adding cheese to the actual inside of the burger itself, or even just sprinkling spices over the meat as it is cooking. The possibilities are endless! Burgers can be grilled if made of ground chicken, pork, lamb, beef, or any other kind of meat out there. Burgers are one of the world’s favorite types of grilled meat and always will be with the wide variety of styles and degrees of gourmet ingredients that can be added to them.

Finally, but definitely not least of all, we have sausages and hot dogs. Possibly the most quick and easy to grill of all, these come in thousands of shapes, thicknesses, and varieties from pork hot links to cheddar bratwursts to jalapeno filled sausages and far beyond those selections. You can’t go wrong throwing a nice, thick hot dog or sausage on the grill, especially when you want something quick and easy to eat!