At Cousins Gourmet Market, we’ve seen lifestyles change and evolve for the more than 30 years we’ve been in business. But keeping a busy schedule doesn’t mean that eating healthy, tasty meals each day is out of your reach. Our award-winning prepared foods will put the goodness of homemade meals at your fingertips.

Whether you’re simply looking for a side dish to jazz up your main course, or you need enough food to feed a houseful of family and guests, our chefs cook a wide variety of tasty selections that can be hot on your table within minutes. All of our foods are prepared in house, using traditional, artisanal methods—the way real food was meant to be cooked. We never use preservatives or additives, but only fresh, top quality ingredients. Just heat, serve, and enjoy the old world goodness of home cooking.

Choose from traditional favourites such as lasagne, or Cousins’ famous meatballs. Or be adventurous and try one of our exotic gourmet selections such as marinated beet and orange salad, Moroccan chicken soup, or handmade quiche with asparagus, prosciutto and asiago.

If you need to eat on the go, visit our Hot Counter for delicious, ready-to-eat selections that are fresh prepared several times a day, never dry, old or tasteless. We can also cater to your special event with our set menu items, or custom dishes on request.

No matter how busy you get, don’t let a hectic lifestyle deprive you of healthy, fresh meals. Visit Cousins Gourmet Market and let us put delicious, homemade cooking at your fingertips.

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