Just as delicious food enhances your enjoyment in life, fresh flowers and plants can infuse your home with a touch of beauty, class and tranquility. At Cousins Gourmet Market, we bring our passion for freshness from the kitchen into the garden, with our floral department and annual garden centre. They’re always brimming with colourful flowers and hardy plants to keep your home and garden blooming all year long.

At Cousins, we work hard to bring our customers the highest quality, in-season greenery we can find. Since we deal directly with local growers, our products are never warehoused, so they can often go right from the greenhouse to your home and garden within hours.

Once the spring arrives, we set up a large garden centre with flowers, plants, hanging baskets, vegetable starters, potters and everything else you need to satisfy your green thumb. The moment you walk through the centre, you’ll see and feel the difference that buying local can make in quality, freshness, and variety of selection.

We can also cater floral arrangements for your parties and events. Come in and one of our floral advisors can help you plan all that you need to beautify your special occasion.

So, whether you want to brighten up your house in winter with a bouquet of cut flowers, or you’re ready to set your home garden blooming with beauty, come visit Cousins Gourmet Market for the freshest that local greenery can offer.